Our Story

Think Bigger

We are a creative agency making pop-culturey passion projects.

Joining us in this quest is a community that holds high-caliber design and pop-culture playfulness in equal regard. It embraces failure and rejects perfection, but demands the passionate pursuit of thoughtfulness, depth, and purpose. 

If you feel undeserving products are winning the attention war too often, or that there’s no reason a love of grabby-tentacled monsters can’t be a meaningful and artistic pursuit—welcome, you’re home.

Let’s think bigger.

What in Blue Blazes?

When not exploring projects through Orange Nebula we are helping others explore their own through Blue Blazes; a creative agency empowering clients to communicate more clearly who they are, what they do, and why people should care through mindful brand strategy and visual-language development.

Our People

Marc Neidlinger

Fleet Commander

Tom Mattson

Interplanetary Navigator

Lacey Faught

Atmospheric Engineer

Derick Lock

Interface Tactician

Theresa Potratz

Communications Controller

Krista Zimmerman

Galactic World Visualizer

Viola Kutsar

Interstellar Parcel Coordinator

Melanie Graham

Eternal Star Traveler