Explore planets, gather resources, and most importantly: don’t die.

Unsettled® is a cooperative survival adventure set in the wondrous and unnerving fringes of uncharted space. There are no enemies and no combat, only an environment where every step, breath, and particle around you could mean immediate, terrifying, death.

2-4 Players

Ages 14 & Up


Co-Op, Sci-Fi, Resource Management

Lost amidst the surreal and bizarre unknowns of the far reaches of the cosmos, your crew of explorers must pull together to discover the resources necessary to survive the long journey home.

In these incredible conditions you must complete a series of tasks necessary to your continued survival. Perhaps the water reclamation system on the ship needs repair, or (as usual) food supplies are running low. Before you lies a strange alien landscape – it’s up to you to complete these tasks using…whatever you find out there.

As you explore the environment, encountering wild & unique opportunities along the way, you will work closely with the rest of your crew to achieve your goal of continued existence. The only thing you can be sure of is each other; lose that and you’ll lose all hope of survival.

One framework, unending possibilities.

Unsettled is more than a game… it’s a framework upon which your experience can be dramatically altered to be set on an entirely new planet whenever you choose.

Unsettled is not a scenario or campaign-based game. Each planet is it’s own stand-alone game that runs on the base framework. Each can be played any number of times, with players taking on various roles and creating new stories each time, without re-learning the rules.

Discover new planets or explore familiar ones further. The choice is yours.

Unlike a one-and-done campaign, deploying a new planet box introduces an entirely new suite of cards that uniquely change the dynamics between the game’s mechanisms, and will require fresh strategies and ways of thinking.

Within each planet’s vast sandbox of circumstances and elements, you and your group can play each planet, new or old, many times, unraveling a new and distinctly different experience with each session.

Work together and pool your knowledge to do what it takes to survive.

In order to escape with your lives intact, you’ll need to rely on your crew’s expertise — specifically in the FORMAL, APPLIED, and NATURAL sciences. Glean the knowledge you need by exploring the world around you and by pooling the expertise you’ve garnered with that of your fellow explorers to gather resources needed for survival.

Build group trust and leverage personality peculiarities.

Your group cohesion relies on trust and self-sacrifice. In order to survive, you’ll need to leverage the strengths of the other explorers in your crew. However, people tend to act strangely under different circumstances. Including you. When trust is high, maybe you shine. Others won’t. When trust takes a dive, some of you will come alive, some of you will fade. Your group will need to stay on top of it, or everyone perishes.

Stay focused. Your survival depends on it.

Your actions require focus of three different types: awareness, wonder, and energy and setting your focus on various tasks will slowly reduce your effectiveness. With that in mind, you’ll need to manage it well and rest when needed so that you don’t lose focus on what’s most important — living another day.

Make scientific discoveries and unearth anomalies.

Exploration yields discovery, although you’re never quite sure what it is you’ve found. Maybe it will follow you around and sing to you. Maybe it will call its friends and eat you. Each discovery will have some unusual scientific property that might give you a boon while it’s in your inventory or be needed to fulfill one of your survival tasks.

Endure unfortunate conditions.

You have no idea what’s out there, but you must venture forth. Occasionally, bad things happen to you, resulting in conditions of varying types. Most of the time, you won’t be able to do much about it because you’re too busy suffering but luckily your crew mates need more out of you than hallucinations and vomiting, so they’ll need to remove those nasty conditions from you. Hopefully you’ll do the same for them.

Take advantage of opportunities in “The Moment”.

Investigate and explore environments on the planet’s surface in hopes that it yields something useful. It is here where truly strange and remarkable things happen, but only in the moment. Things will go wrong from time to time, but every problem is an opportunity, right? If your crew doesn’t take advantage, these opportunities will be lost forever and with them, your group’s trust in each other.

Pursue scientific breakthroughs.

Leveling up is pure dopamine. Admit it. As you gain knowledge of the formal, applied, and natural sciences, you and the rest of your crew gain expertise which will trigger breakthroughs in chemistry, robotics, and engineering. These breakthroughs give you powerful new actions to take on the planet that increase your chances of survival.

Navigate a hostile environment.

Who knew places like these existed? With something equally curious and horrifying at every turn, getting around is awfully tricky and navigating the nodes will need to be strategized carefully by your group so that your time is used effectively and resources are gathered efficiently.

Do, or die.

Your survival on each planet depends on completing tasks that you may or may not encounter on your exploits. Find food. Get oxygen. Deploy pylons to activate a beacon. Delouse yourselves of the parasitic spore-based lifeforms that have been boring their way into your pores. You either do, or you die and every moment, every unnerving, desperate second counts.

Slowly losing your endurance never looked so good.

Recessed player dashboards, a custom Game Trayz storage system, an adorable research robot, lumicarbon explorer suits with prismatic crystaline helmets and more.

At least you’ll feel awesome as you cling to the thread of hope that could be the difference between winning and not breathing.

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