Inner Glow Instant Coffee (4-Pack)

Stoke something new within, for the road you travel, is worthy. The Pacific Northwest is known for nerding out on coffee and the advent of truly delicious instant coffee is proof (we didn’t believe it either, ’til we tried it). A perfect gift for yourself or another wretch in your life.

This is a super-limited small batch run.

  • Full-Sublimation Freeze Dried with Patented Brew System
  • Full Flavor, Dissolves Well
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Roasted by Cascadia Coffee Roasters Portland, OR

Medium Roast (Kindle & Illuminate)
A 3-bean blend bringing together South and Central American coffees with a touch of an Ethiopian selection with hints of brown sugar and berry.

Dark Roast (Awaken & Revitalize)
A rich and roasty coffee blend, offering a bold, intense flavor without losing the subtle nuanced traces of roasted nut and caramelized sugar.

If ordering as a gift: please note that we will do our very darndest to get these to you in time for the holidays but cannot guarantee it, particularly if shipping outside the US.


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