The Power of Frankenstein

The Power of Frankenstein

Every year, I re-read Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. I’m fascinated with all the underpinnings of what makes us human or monster. As a novel, there is a unique power in Frankenstein that is overlooked by most adaptations.  Before I really dive into the takeaways of nuance from this incredible book, I need to really set the stage to distinguish this work from modern takes.  Frankenstein is the Scientist In attempts to create a shorthand for the conversation we as a culture rush through important verbiage and misattribute names. Frankenstein is the scientist. He's not the composite male strapped to the table in the lab.  It’s...

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The Empathy Impact

The Empathy Impact

If we practice being grateful, it increases to our ability to empathize with others – granting us a greater capacity for creative thought.

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